Project 177

19 January 2018

Guys, don’t worry I will not let this blog dead as long my life is still fighting and not putting up a white flag yet.

Recently I stressed with works and my new house renovation. Everything is not easy to kick start! From an inexperienced house buyer to an intermediate house owner now as I’m happy with what I’m investing.  I have reduced my holiday expenses and put the attention on my second house first. Life is hard but somehow you will see or surprise yourself holding properties in the age of 27th! How cool is that?! It will keeps motivating you to move forward. 

Here is the nightmare part of my life, as I leave Public Bank and I joined a new company (also a financial institution newly started up in Malaysia) I happy with the job I’m doing now but but but I not happy with the environment I’m working with. Some angels and some assholes! (I really don’t want to swear it here). The whole company structure is a mess, and  I really think of leaving this company although the pay is good and I love the job but hell-no for a long term staying. 


Project # 176

20 May 2017

This is the movie I've watched just now. It's a good production and it is meaningful film to people who is really going to turn to 30s and yet do not know what are they looking for in life! Work, Relationship,  Family or Life? You can choose to be the top in your workplace or leader but all your time gonna commit to the company, are you happy enough? You can choose to love someone you wish to commit your entire life and you gonna give up on your work war like being somebody in your workplace but love may disappoint you... are you feeling okay? or for Life, you only wanna be someone down to earth, live happily and hate challenge yourself, only live for the moment! 

After this movie, I have clearly setting my mind what am I still looking for. My job? How far or how high do I wanna go up to the level in the organisation, become director? C-level? Am I willing to handle the responsibility or stressfulness ? OR LIFE? Am I still fighting for a rich and wealthy lifestyle or remaining the happy and healthy lifestyle? you can be dominant to choose all. you have option to choose but you have no energy to be all. 

I have been telling myself, if one day I am leaving the world, I hope everyone is crying for me with full of memories but not crying for me with money! I hope everyone is posting pictures of me taken in many places with a lot of smiles on my face on Facebook but not posting cases on getting my wills on legal. I wanna make my life colourful and my surrounding friends and family look healthy. 

I know what am I looking for, I don't need to chase my dream in the work but I can chase my dream in the world! No matter how far I go one day I gonna return and come down in one way. I love travelling and seeing cultures. So that's my point in life! 

I urge everyone go and watch this movie. it is good "step out" solution for everyone is still struggling in life. no matter you are 30s or 40s boy or girl. Life is unfair only you gonna choose a fair direction to be what you want. Go watch! 


Project # 175

18 April 2017

After few weeks of hunting new jobs and been to numerous of interviews. Finally I got a job before my last day in Public Bank and before my trip to Japan. It was a good timing with all the blessings and prayers! I got a secured job with newly established bank in Malaysia - China Construction Bank Malaysia Berhad. It's a good opportunity to be part of the pioneer team to grow this company. 

I'm feeling uncertainty and worried about my new coming job whether I can suit into their cultures or not or I need to leave my past and step  out and accept new thing and new environment. It's a huge challenges which I soon gonna be a Senior Manager in Administration. Everything is under me. While I used to direct people do me favour last time in my ex company but now I have to get command from my superior or other colleagues. What a challenge. I have to shallow my pride and my dignities. People request me favour and I need to do what they want me to do. 

Sometime I need to  think that I'm doing works that is simple yet difficult (sometime stressful) coz different cultures. and I got high pay and I feel this should be enough for me. and...

Sometime I will think that am I wasting my time on my job prospect in banking coz currently I will be doing works that totally slack out from banking industry.  some question are keep bothering me! 

Project # 174

28 March 2017

I have been struggling for so long whether should I leave my comfort zone, my secured-job with better benefits and etc. Life like this people jealous outside, but I have no more passion and I'm asking HOW? I'm 26 years old NOW, I have been working for 4 & 1/2 years holding an Assistant Manager which believe everyone is thinking I'm way too fast to get a position like this and I'm proud and impress myself on how good am I! Without any knowledge of banking and finance or any background and foundation for today I'm standing here as a professional banker! I have made a thrilling shift from Public Relations to Banking. 

Today I have tendered my resignation without provide any solid reason, leave with no plans and not getting job offer yet but ".. I have been to few interviews. " That's the excuses I always keep in my mind and telling everyone. This could calm myself ..I'm okay, don't worry.. When time passes and my notice period is getting shorter, plan does not go well and it becomes critical for me and this is human natural reaction because of debts, responsibility and future. You tend to worry and rush. Here goes another story, the baby boomers who are close to you will justify on your decisions like they think  that you are playing a wrong step on your chessboard. Hell ass, maybe at least a positive word. Okay, this could make me more nervous. 

Thanks God for letting me cool down in seconds when my friends are so supportive and my love is the 100% goodness! The aura is making me stronger, at least this time I could sit down quietly and think on what is my next. Everywhere is a job, anywhere can find money and we just making ourselves one way hence we start to stress ourselves. Why could we step few steps backward and we can see the big picture instead one corner. 

Once I resigned, it's just like trend. There are more motivational videos, quotes and animations in social media like Facebook or Instagram. These are giving me idea of life. I found something useful :-

"When you think there is more risky when you leave your job but how about it's more risky to stay until you get 60s and you look back your life, will you be regret or happy?"

This is why I keep questioning myself until today I have made my decision which I have no worry there is no plan... yet. but soon there is a plan comes perfectly with God's wills.. I believe

Until now I'm still looking for jobs and opportunities with hopes and prayers. Guess I will update here after I got a good offer. Bless me!


PS: I have posted a post year ago regarding one day I have made decision, and It's today! Check it out! 

Project 173


I have skipped blogging for like 3 months and I have been jumping into my dietary plans after back from Hong Kong! It's massively changed over me until I've decided to wake up 1hour earlier to prepare my hearty breakfast before works! I have skipped and no more consume any carbohydrate stuff like rice, noodles, breads and etc. just purely protein and fibers ! 

Like how, I'm heading to gym every 5 days a week, burning calories and breaking muscles veins, love the results and still keeping a note to self that I'm still halfway, not yet finish! Then I will motivate myself to work further! 

My body has gone few inches and I'm so happy ! Diet is the most important, then only exercise!  

I'm taking these before and after photo to keep myself motivate and memory! 

Ps: I'm searching for more new diet meal recipes! Out of idea of cooking! 

Project 172

Yes, I'm travel again! To the place of Canton! Hong Kong & Macau! 🇭🇰🇲🇴

Life is amazing over here but the standard living are high! Expenses are over killing ! Maybe my currency are weak but for me I think is too high!  Anyhow I still spent like a king! Hahaha 

This is Hong Kong

Project 171

Tan Sri CNY open house rave!

This man sitting next the model is my Big Boss! Tan Sri Teh Hong Piow

This post shows the little of my achievements while I first step into this newly strange banking industry coz I was having a Mass Communications background thus I managed to blend into Banking Line now. 

Let me share abit of my job experience here, first when I stepped into Public Bank Berhad (one of the leading bank in Malaysia) I found it challenging, everything wanna start over again! Just like pressing restart button and don't know when can be mastered again! 

I was very impressed or blessed or maybe the lucky ass to be rewarded.. Like having a great bosses, collegues, superior and friends in Public Bank. 

In Public Bank, my mission is to attend my company founder's birthday jubilee and CNY rave function! Either I wanted to be in performance or attend the event! When you are invited to the event and you need to be in Managerial role. Then it takes a lifetime so I was hoping to be in the performance team. 

The expectation changed differently after 3 years since I joint! I got promoted and got an invitation to every events happen in Public Bank! That's my little achievements afterall. 

Tan Sri 86th Birthday Celebration 2016

This man is the person in-charge of giving my bonus :P

The Ex-Taman Connaught folks

Project 170


This time me and another side of loves hopping out to a roadtrip and foodtrip.. All the way from KL to Melaka and Premium Outlets for CNY shopping then later ended with a great night in Port Dickson! 

This was my first time having a trip with them although it was simple and short but it was full of laughters everywhere we are ! I hope we had onther one sooner!

This year 2016 is not bad yet in the beginning and i got so much blessings! I wish the following days are always great and brighter! ;)


Project 169


Today me and fellow ex lovers (but the love still exist to them although I leave them so long) went to Ipoh trip!

This is it , Teluk Intan! Cool shot with gopro!

The next day we weny up the high Cameron Highland for a cold weather because KL is too hot and we need a cold air !

Reunion from old and young , the existing collegues and non-existing and soon leaver! Hahaa 

Soon we had ourselves a green and natural tea plantation! He had much fun here and the weather ain't cold enough! Still sweating 

Project 168


Sometime I used to sit back and think which direction should I take next and I always worry about the decision I've made turns into a life tragedy ! 

I believe time waits for no man but time has pushed us to limit... This morning I read one great article which I wish to keep it in my blog for future references. ;) I have a great thing to share instead...

" Here is a post that I wrote a year after I quit my job; each of the 10 things I highlighted that I had learned since quitting have the power to reassure you about life after quitting.

However, all this being said, this is still your decision and nothing and no one should "make you" quit your job, this year or any other year!

That's an important decision that you need to make based on your personal values and goals, where you are now and where you want to get to.

10 things I’ve learned since quitting my job

In September 2013, I walked out of my office and into the unknown. I had resigned from my job, the first after my studies, with no concrete plans as to what I would be doing next. I emptied my apartment of seven years, put my boxes into storage, and moved into my parents’ guest room as I thought about my next move.

My intention since the start had been to create a more independent and flexible lifestyle. I wanted to continue to work in digital marketing, where I had both the knowledge and the passion from my previous role; to pursue my more creative side by taking my writing more seriously; and, of course, to combine all this with the opportunity to travel and to spend time with friends and family.

So far, so good! This time last year, I officially incorporated my own consulting business and I’ve been busy on great projects ever since, working with big-name clients, making new connections, and sharpening my skill set. I finished my MatadorU travel writing course and I’ve been maintaining a regular post schedule and a growing reader base on my blog, as well as contributing guest posts to other websites. And I’ve continued my travels with weekend breaks in Europe as well as a longer trip to New Zealand, Australia, Malaysia and Singapore.

So what have I learned, one year on?

1. Life on the other side is not as scary as you think.

As I looked out at the world from the comfort of a steady job, the fear of leaving that security behind was almost paralyzing. Once I had made the decision to quit and my perspective shifted to one of zero salary, 100% possibilities, that fear all but disappeared.

I felt empowered and excited by my ability to make things happen, and I armed myself with information by reading books about freelancing and consulting, talking to people who had set up their own businesses, going to events where I met like-minded people.

I also realized that the security I had felt in my previous job was an illusion: people get fired, departments are restructured, companies fold. Don’t let fear of the unknown keep you in a job that makes you unhappy.

2. You have to stick to your guns.

I thought I’d made The Big Decision once and for all but I’ve had to keep questioning myself. The call of the corporate world is loud and alluring: Recruiters call with tempting job titles, my parents worry about my pension, clients want full-time support.

Each time, I have to reaffirm my decision to leave that world behind, and each time, I come out that bit stronger and more determined to stick with my new way of life. I’ve always looked to other people for reassurance and confirmation that I’m making the right decision, but I know now that I’m the only one who knows what’s right for me. So once you’ve made that decision, run with it, trust your instincts, and don’t look back.

3. There are more options than you ever thought possible.

In my previous job, I was surrounded by people with the same academic background and with the same ambitions of salary increases and promotions. We were all comfortable within that world and unsure of what lay beyond.

As soon as I had left, though, I encountered people with diverse backgrounds, with much broader ambitions, and with altogether different priorities. Traveling in particular allows you to meet people with all kinds of plans, and lack of plans, and this is both reassuring and inspiring.

Open your eyes, and your heart, to the different ways of life that are out there and you may be surprised at the possibilities that are open to you.

coffee meeting friendsShutterstock

4. You can easily live on less money than you think.

With a monthly salary flowing into my bank account, I was buying clothes I didn’t need, taking taxis, and going out with no thought of the future. Being ‘unemployed,’ I became more prudent: I bought fewer lattes, I walked more, I canceled Spotify Premium — and I didn’t feel at all sorry for myself.

It’s quite painless to cut down on little luxuries, and having some buffer of savings will also give you added security and confidence to pursue your plans. The danger is actually the opposite: Once the money starts flowing in again, it’s easy to upgrade your spending habits to previous levels.

So focus on the true necessities, and then spend the extra on experiences — travel, friends, family — rather than buying material things that will only clutter up your life. And, yes, do think about saving and investing for a rainy day …

5. New opportunities will appear from nowhere.

I left my job without knowing exactly what I was leaving for. I had thoughts of travel, starting a consultancy, taking a year off ‘to write,’ taking another full-time job in an exotic location or in a not-for-profit organization.

Since leaving, I’ve become involved as a mentor in two start-up incubators, run workshops with big companies, worked on exciting projects with big-name brands, and done interviews and guest posts for various blogs and websites. None of these things were even on my radar while I was in my old job.

I’ve also become aware of, and grateful for, an amazing network of people who are eager to make mutually beneficial connections and collaborations. So talk to friends and to strangers, go to networking events, and above all remain open to unanticipated opportunities from unexpected directions.

6. It doesn’t have to be perfect from day one.

I was always looking for the ideal job, in the ideal location, in the ideal industry — but this fantasy doesn’t exist. I moved to Geneva to work at the United Nations but ended up in consumer goods marketing, developing valuable skills and knowledge while making lifelong friends among my colleagues.

I hadn’t planned to move back to London but I’ve had some great opportunities here and for now at least I’m really enjoying it. And many of the seeds that I started sowing a year ago, which at the time didn’t grow into anything concrete, are now bearing fruit.

I don’t expect to be a world thought leader and best-selling author living in my dream home by next week; but with each client, each project, each post, I’m shaping the life that I want. As long as you’re progressing in the right direction, a step or two closer to where you want to be, then consider it a good move.

7. Nothing is forever.

It seemed like a huge decision to leave my job. I’ve realized, though, that the worst thing that can happen, in the event of being unsuccessful in shaping a more independent lifestyle, is that I will have to go back to a full-time job. I know people who have decided to go back to a permanent role after a period of running their own business, happy in the knowledge that it’s the right move for them.

If my company isn’t doing as well a few years down the line, or if I decide I want to do something else, I can always shut it down. If I don’t like the country I’m in, I can always move. Nothing is set in stone, everything can be changed — if not immediately, then over time. So give it a try, and see how it goes.

friendsFlickr/meenakshi madhavan

8. You are not alone.

It’s easy to feel like you’re the only one with doubts, the only one not fulfilled — it’s just not true. In my ‘Fearless Fridays’ interview series on my blog, I’ve been talking to others who have left the corporate world behind to do something less conventional, whether it was to write about healthy eating, to produce TV shows, or to run an arts center for children.

They all faced their own fears and challenges, and some have returned to the corporate world in some form or other, but not one of them regrets their move. Just pull up a chair in a hostel or even in your local pub and you’re bound to meet someone on his or her own journey of self-discovery. It’s up to you to find your own way, but there are millions out there who are with you in spirit.

9. You’ll never have all the answers.

I’ve been on a steep learning curve this year. As a new business owner, I’ve had to learn about limited companies, corporation tax, VAT, PAYE, NI … I’m creating proposals, contracts and invoices, I’m editing the CSS of my website, and I’m devouring articles on both digital marketing and freelance writing.

Possibly the biggest challenge has been finding the best way to balance work and income on the one side with fun and freedom on the other; but I’m learning! Don’t wait for the point when you have the perfect plan and you’ve answered every possible question, as you’re never going to have 100% certainty. There will always be some risk — but that’s OK!

10. Not all who wander are lost.

Life doesn’t have to be about finding a job, meeting The One, getting a mortgage, having children. It can be hard to watch “everyone” around you settling down; but if you don’t want to follow that path now, or maybe ever, then there’s nothing wrong with continuing to explore different paths, meeting new people, living in different cities, traveling the world…

Life doesn’t have an end point — well, death, but I don’t think you should be working towards that as a goal — so why not let it be an endless journey of discovery and continuous learning? I say, bon voyage! And if you happen to see me in that hostel bar, come and join me for a drink and we’ll share our stories over a pisco sour. " 

You wont regret Sebastian, b.Strong  dated 10/01/2016

Project 167


Today is the day I can post a complete family photo in my life which I always admired others have a perfect and beautiful family photo and I hope I can have one! This is it. Though Uncle Jimmy is not my biological dad but he shows every single love and care to me and my mom is beyond measure. I'm happy and feel so grateful that he can put his 100% attention and sacrification and patience  to my mom is more than enough.

That's it!

Project 166


All I wanna say is Happy Blessed Twenty OneSix! Last year was way too awesome . Without the year of 2015 and I can't   Survive or go thro the year of 2016 right now! 2015 brought me up and extended another stage of my life : I'm passed my Banking studies (which gonna continue another grade this year) Got an extreme promotion in works! So grateful! Nonspecific bonuses and increments! 
Changing into new branch (although I have to leave my previous branch lovers but in the end I got to celebrate newyear with the old and new together, How cool!

World is fair enough for everyone just need to know what's the direction you are taking! No harm for failing! We are still young, the most scary part in life is one day you can't wake up from the bed and you can't chase your dream anymore. Be grateful everyday and count your blessing.

This year all I wish is I want my life getting cooler each day! Full of laughters and Healthy with no pains, living with no regret. When i tired I need a hot brew and when i need a mind rest I need to fill with alcohol! 

PS: pictures above are I was celebrating countdown with my old and new mates together  

Project 167


Party was over! Life is having post party recovery, Hangover Cure! Luckily I could manage myself better last night to make myself good and sleep comfortably!

This place is so amazing and love it so much despite the traveling hour to here is definitely worth it but I would travel straight to the island next time! 

My traveling buddy! 

My Full Moon affair has ended with great memory! 

            Cheers ;)