Project 160


This morning did some minor cut to take out some fat :P nothing big but this is my first time stitched on my arm. When doctor took up the needle and I have shouted WTF??? (I thought is a minor operation, for me when there is stitch then this is BIG) haha  

Project 159


After studies and been to workaholic life. Health is getting weaker and tired! Cholesterol, Urine Acids, ezima and body shape is getting bigger... 

Today morning I went to medical checkup and everything is good except for my skin need to be taken care seriously.. Then playing some cardio and weights after lunch. I hope this holiday is well spent. 

Tomorrow i will be going back to clinic for some medications or maybe a minor operations on my arm. Be frank, I'm abit nervous.

Project 158


Hello, it's 2015! 3 years maintainance-free... In this 3 years, I've been found a job, completed my study in UK, been to several countries (which I wish to post it one by one here and it takes me time, you may find it in my instagram or facebook).. Life is short but time goes too fast! I found one another half now and this picture shows my Second Anniversary celebrating in Genting Highland last night! 

I will keep my promise to keep updating this marvelous project and I found it memorable which I have seen back all my memories and those young Sebastian 's happening life ;) 

todo lo mejor...

Project # 157


Me is posing in St. John garden! :) Just bought a chili-red-sunglasses from Primark and tend to be cool :P The weather here is fine and windy all the time! You will see everyone is having fun and relaxing outside and laying down on the grass so do I :)

PS: We have a week break here before University and load of assignments ! :)

Project # 156


Finally, my dream comes true and I proudly proclaimed that I'm in Liverpool now! The Beatles' land! Behind me is the building in Albert Dock! It is an attraction for tourists because it has histories behind everything and it is protected since World War 2 this is the information that I got afterall in my 1st day living!  

Oh gosh, I start to love Liverpool and am with no regret with everything that I have planned.

Project # 155


Finally we have reached Manchester SAVE & SOUND! We got ourselves shelters for a night then we go down to Liverpool next morning. This place is kinda retreat land and life is great and relaxing over here! Gotta adapt western culture! laying on the greener grass, enjoy our precious moments each day! 

Project # 154

23/05/12 (Abu Dhabi)

Now havin' transit in Abu Dhabi ! My butt flatted after 8 hours journey! gotta have another 8 hours flight later at 1am. I love seeing different cultures here! :D especially the coins I received and the words written in the signage! I met a Chinese lady who is staying in Abu Dhabi! She is nice :D

Project # 153


I'm flying off to United Kingdom for 3 months to further my short course! I'm so excited and happy to UK but sadly gonna leave my mom in Malaysia. Luckily Uncle Jimmy has promised me he will take good care of her.. after hearing this, my heart has been out from the fret! Thanks God for providing such a man to my mom. 

Things are ready and I'm ready to sit my butt in the plane now! Sayorana my friends :D - Bye Malaysia Hi UK! 

 Thanks PYY for sending me to airport! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!! 

Project # 152

PRICELESS: shaking hand with Sir Gerald Howrath, United Kingdom Minister of Defense ! 


Just wanna show this pic as big as I can! I'm so blessed and honored to work with Mr.Gerald Howrath. He is nice and he remembers my name everyday lucky to talk to him and TAKE PICTURE WITH HIM! Where can you find a Minister so nice and somemore from United Kingdom.. Gonna print this out and paste in my room when I'm in UK! 

THANKS DSA for providing me another further footstep to my future!

Project # 151


Hey guys, I'm on the Eurofighter Typhoon Jet Plane! It's so damn cool and  I get to touch all the facilities inside the jetplane! hahaha Am feel like singing "I'm leaving on the jetplane.. " 

Project # 150

Don't mess with me, before I pull my trigger! :D


When I dressed up like this and went into military-arena! I feel like I'm one of the tribute from Hunger Games! hahaha *watch too much* These weapons are not toys, they are real and just took out some screws inside and bullet-less! 

Project # 149


Second day of training in DSA 2012. Get to see all those incredible machines and astonishing weapons from other countries! 

This job is fun but tired of sitting down and waiting.. hahaha I am excited to see my VIP!! 

Project # 148


First day of training. I am assigned to assist Minister of Defence from United Kingdom. Gerald Howrath! It's a tough task that wanna assist a minister from United Kingdom! Wish everything is fine and hope to see him soon! :D